Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 22

Seriously. I don't know what happened. Klaas just took my picture and I look like I'm 32 weeks along instead of 22.

Okaaaay, we had just gone to a family brunch with TONS of food and I hadn't gone to the bathroom for a while (TMI? :( ), but still. The above picture is so over the top that I've decided to post another one of Klaas and I just after brunch, for comparison's sake.

See? Big difference, right? I think there's just something wrong with that first picture. It was getting kind of late and the lighting in our bedroom was off, so we had to revert back to artificial lighting.

Some updates from this past week: we now have everything we need to start working on the sugar beans. When this will be depends on my Mom, as she's the crafty one. I also think we're about done buying baby clothes. I just need to actually sort them according to size, to see if there's some stuff missing. I will also be putting some extra clothes on our registry, because some people prefer buying actual clothes for the baby. I still get round ligament pain almost daily, but it's okay. I'm not worried about it and it's only a little uncomfortable. I've also started to feel the baby move when I'm standing up. Up until last week, I could only feel him/her when I was lying completely still, so that's definitely changed! I get a lot of kicks to the bladder. Thanks for that, little bun!


  1. Schoon zwanger buikske toch? Ik zou daar niet over freaken ze...

    en 'de kraftie wan' is al begonnen...

    1. Haha! Bedankt voor de geruststelling, crafty one. ^^