Sunday, December 29, 2013

Week 36

Last month, you guys! It's kind of scary, because they say the last month is the last day...

Like I said a few weeks ago,my engagement ring doesn't fit anymore and now my knuckles have been hurting all week, so I'm definitely retaining water. You can also see the swelling in my face, but I've noticed that my face looks rounder since I cut my hair (week 34 vs. week 35, when it was cut), so it's not only fluid retention.

I also took a naked belly picture again.

Hello, stretch marks, you weren't there 6 weeks ago. I don't mind them too much though, as long as my stomach isn't completely covered in them, I'm fine... Anyway, I don't think it's gotten a lot bigger compared to 6 weeks ago, but it has definitely gotten a lot rounder. What do you think?

Still having weird pains on a daily basis, I guess they're practice contractions?

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