Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week 24

I can't believe I'm 6 months pregnant already. It sounds so far along, yet there are still a little under 4 months left until this baby will actually arrive.

And because I think 6 months is kind of a big deal, I also asked Klaas to take front and back pictures, to document what I look like at a full 360°.

I've put on 3.5 kg so far and you can kind of tell I'm pregnant from the front (although that might have something to do with the stripes I've got going on), but my backside still looks like before.

Aside from some mild pelvic pains and some additional pressure on my bladder (I think the baby's going through a growth spurt again), I feel great. I think I might have started to nest in the past few weeks, although this isn't something that happens every day. I just feel the overall need to keep a clean house and to make some improvements before the baby's born.

Some small details:
- I've picked up the envelopes for our birth announcements and we're now looking into what font we'd like to use to print the addresses.
- We also have a music toy now! I put it on my belly every night before we go to sleep, so hopefully the baby will recognize it by the time he/she is born.
- I'm compiling a list of all the formalities that need to be handled before and right after the baby is born. Some things need to be done pretty quickly, i.e. Klaas has to do them on his own because I'll still be in the hospital, so it's probably best if I make a list for him. That way hopefully nothing will be forgotten.


  1. Je ziet er nog niet eens zwanger uit from the back! Bij mij gaje dat zo zien he. :s

    1. Mja, dat kan je nu nog niet weten. :) Zag je 't bij je mama en bij Nele aan de achterkant? Als dat niet zo is, dan zal 't bij jou waarschijnlijk ook niet zo zijn. :)