Saturday, August 10, 2013

First baby purchase

While we actually already have some baby items (mostly clothes), they were gifts from family and friends, which means that we ourselves hadn't bought anything yet. The crib below wasn't something we bought, but my mom and I will be spending quite some time with it since we're going to sand and restain it a darker color. This is actually a DIY project that was meant to go on my summer bucket list, but as we weren't telling people yet, I couldn't include it on the list. This crib is a family heirloom that is over 80 years old. I slept in it, my mom slept in it and my grandmother slept in it. I wouldn't have gotten a traditional old-fashioned crib if it weren't for this one and I actually think it is really cool to have our baby sleep in a crib that has such history.
Seeing as we'll be putting this crib in our living room, we also needed a little bed to put next to our own. So we went to IKEA yesterday...
 ... and got the Hensvik bed.
Let me tell you, I felt so grown up driving home from IKEA with a baby bed that I picked out and bought with my husband.

We also got a bunch of different picture frames for the gallery wall we're planning (we still have to sort through our wedding pictures and choose the ones we want to frame).
Klaas and I are also starting a little family tradition. When we first started dating, we discovered that we both had stuffed dogs as a child. The dogs are still in our wardrobe and every once in a while, we come across them and feel all nostalgic again. At IKEA we found stuffed animals and lo and behold, they had a dog too! Klaas got all excited and decided that our baby should have a stuffed dog as well. I think I just about melted into a puddle on the floor.
And this is a picture of all of our dogs together:
The big Samson on top is mine, the one that had to have its head reattached to its body is Klaas's. :-)

When we were in Disneyland, my mom bought the baby this stuffed Remy that I picked out. So just like its mommy, our baby will have two stuffed animals (I also had a monkey).

On a completely unrelated topic: Lien came back from her trip to the US and brought back peanut butter cups. Eternal love for her!


  1. ik zie nu pas dat die remy scheel kijkt?


    1. Haha, een beetje. Ik zou eens moeten kijken of de tweede dat ook heeft. Adds to the charm?

  2. Love it all. Trouwens die Reese's peanut butter cups kan je in de Carrefour kopen in de American food section. ;)

  3. Haha,Joke, ik kwam hier net hetzelfde posten. ;) Megacute, boke. Ik kan het nog altijd niet geloven. :)