Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Elliot's first 12 weeks: a recap

Elliot's 12 weeks old today, so I thought it would be fun to give you a quick recap of the first dozen weeks of his life.

One of the items on our registry was this little box of Milestone Baby Cards. They're just what they sound like: cards about certain milestones your baby reaches that can be used in photographs. I thought these were really cool and we've used them for every milestone so far!

Here are his age milestones.

The next age cards are those from 4 months up until his first birthday. I can't imagine one day being the mother of a one-year-old!

And here are some of the other milestones he's reached so far.

Elliot started sleeping through the night when he was 2.5 weeks old. Up until then he would nurse right before midnight and then wake up again around 2. From 2.5 weeks onward, he nursed between 11 pm and midnight and then slept until 6-ish. Lately he's been sleeping for 7 hours straight, and there has even been the occasional 8-hour night. No complaints here!

He smiled for the very first time when he was almost 3 weeks old. I know lots of people say that when a baby smiles before the age of six weeks, it's just gastric smiles. Still, I know what his gastric smiles look like and these were nothing like that. We discovered we could make him smile by gently blowing his hair and face. He loved that. And look at that twinkle in his eyes. *sigh* He loves it when people smile at him and he gives them the biggest smile back. He's such a perfect little boy. <3

I also wanted to show you these. They're some more pictures of Elliot (and I) that Klaas took for his 365 project.

He loves playing under his arch. The vibrating purple elephant is his favorite. I'd been waiting for him to start grabbing toys or random items and he finally grabbed the elephant just last night!

Just when you buy an extremely warm and cozy bear suit for your baby, you get the softest winter in years...

Elliot has always been great at lifting his head. He loves looking around and has done so ever since the day he was born. Every single person tells us how attentive he seems, as if he's taking in every last bit of the world around him. 

In this picture he looks so much like my brother (Elliot's godfather) when he was a baby himself. :-)

 With his feline pal, O'Malley.

And three more pictures, depicting some of his lovely Rolls. (Before I got pregnant, and even when I was actually already pregnant, I swore I would never think of baby rolls as precious and lovely. Until I saw them on my very own baby...)

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