Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 20

Woohoo, I'm halfway there!
Although I guess when it comes to feeling halfway through, 22 weeks is more accurate. During the first 4 weeks you're not even aware of your pregnancy yet, so that only leaves you with 36 weeks of actually knowing. Half of 36 weeks is 18, so it's only at 22 weeks that you're right in the middle. Right? I've thought about this way too much.

All of my "issues" seem to be resolved, so I'm really enjoying being pregnant now. I hope it will stay this way for the remainder of my pregnancy. I deserve it. :-)
According to my scales I've lost weight again since the last time I checked (at 17 weeks), because this morning I had only gained 800 grams since I first found about our little bun at 4 weeks. I know it's not about maintaining your pre-pregnancy weight, but I'm completely embracing it, because I've heard that you only start to put on a lot of weight towards the end of your pregnancy.

The various websites I check every Sunday tell me that the baby is 25 centimeters today! Up until 20 weeks, the baby is measured crown to rump because it can't stretch its legs completely, but starting at 20 weeks, it can! So these 25 centimeters are actually a head to toe measurement. We have our midpregnancy ultrasound scheduled for Thursday, so I'm very curious as to how big our baby will actually be. The OB/GYN will also check every last part of our baby's body, including the organs. Our bun is very active and likes to dance around and kick its little hands and feet in there when I'm relaxing on the couch. We see my stomach jump up every so often, but Klaas hasn't been able to actually feel the kicks himself.

Klaas and I also checked out a store that offers a wide range of sugar beans (all in pretty packaging of course) and we now have a pretty good idea of what we want. Now all we have to do is figure out a way to get what we want for less money, because no way are we spending more than 400 euros on favors.


  1. Kun je zoiets van het internet bestellen? Je ziet er trouwens supergoed uit! Kan echt niet geloven dat je al halfweg bent. :)

  2. What Sofie said! ^^^ Je ziet er echt super cute uit.

    PS: Wanneer het zo ver is bij ons is er no way dat wij meer dan 100€ uitgeven aan doopsuiker. You just watch me! ;) Wij gaan de doopsuikers in een winkel kopen, maar al de rest zal online zijn.