Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week 29

One more week until I'm in the homestretch (or so it feels)!

I'm feeling pretty good, although it is definitely becoming harder physically. I get heartburn very regularly (in retrospect, this was actually my very first pregnancy symptom, starting at about 8 days past ovulation) and I often feel like I'm running out of breath, especially when I'm bending down to put on my socks or shoes or picking something up from the floor. It's not that my actual belly is in the way, it's more that I can actually feel SOMETHING big inside of me that prevents me from slouching. And I love to slouch. I also feel as though my feet have gotten bigger, because I often have trouble fitting my feet in my shoes...

On another note, 50% of our favors (so not the actual sugar beans) are done! I finished them yesterday with my Mom and it turned out to be a fun little project. (Or at least it was 'little' for me, because she had done all the printing/gluing/whatever in advance.) All of our baby laundry is done and sorted by size, I only have some ironing left to do. We checked out a copy shop for our birth announcements and will be getting a proof of our announcement next week. Klaas and I started the 6-week prenatal class at the hospital. It was informative and interactive, and there were only 5 couples (including ourselves). I really enjoyed it and thought it was a lot of fun to do together in preparation for the baby. Klaas seemed to like the class too. What a relief! :)

Two funny things happened for the first time this week! First of all, I felt the baby's hiccups on Thursday, both in the afternoon and at night. It was sooo subtle (I couldn't feel it when I put my hand on my belly), but it was definitely there. Second of all, imagine this: I'm lying in the tub and bending backwards to wet my hair. I get back up and all of a sudden I see a huge hard bump protruding from the side of my belly! It stayed there for about 10-15 seconds and I could very easily put my hand around it. It was the first time meeting our baby's tooshie. :)

*sigh* I can feel myself falling in love with this bun of ours more every single day.