Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 28

I'm glad because Klaas's semi-stepsister told me on Friday that I don't really have much of a belly yet. :) It's amazing to notice how certain people think of my stomach differently. Although there are some people who think I'm already huge (and sometimes I feel very big, too), most people think my belly is still small.

I've been doing baby laundry these past few days. I was scared a lot of stuff would come out even smaller than it already was, but so far so good! We've also driven around town to check out two print shops for our birth announcements yesterday, but both of them were closed.

The baby's being incredibly active lately, sometimes it feels as though it wants to crawl out of my stomach! I've also been feeling more tired, especially after I've eaten a big dinner. Come 8 pm I just wanna curl up on the couch and snooze. Maybe it also has something to do with it getting darker and colder outside. In any case, it makes me feel all warm and cozy and fuzzy. Sooo looking forward to the holidays!

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  1. groot of klein, 't is duidelijk een zwanger buikske, dus vertederend...