Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 19

One more week until I'm halfway there!
This week I've had some bladder issues which are still not over. Don't worry, I'm not "leaking" and it's not an infection (TMI, anyone?), but I'm trying to get over it and to ignore it the best I can.

I feel the baby move several times each day and I've also SEEN my belly "twitch" a few times when the baby kicked. It seems the baby loves to travel, because it starts moving around in there every time we're going somewhere (so far: car, ferry, boat). I hope this won't mean he or she will become a little globetrotter and leave me behind. :( We finalized the birth announcement and can now start checking out sugar beans (I totally had to Wikipedia that!), although I think we'll wait a few more weeks to actually go to the store.


  1. Zot hoe snel dat buikje groeit! Zwangere vrouwen stralen echt. Lookin' good, boke!

  2. Ik voel ons kindje de laatste tijd precies veel minder. De gyn zei dat dat kwam doordat de placenta omhoog schuift als je buik groeit ofzo en in de weg zit om het goed te kunnen voelen als het babytje schopt. boeeh placenta :p
    En zot he, bijna in de helft!!!