Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Proud of my significant other

Some of my favorite pictures taken by Klaas.
As we speak, I'm home alone because Klaas went to his photography class.

Klaas has been interested in photography for as long as I've known him, but things really got serious when we went on our honeymoon and he took my aunt's camera with him to snap some pictures of our trip. He kept researching and talking about camera equipment and I always told him we should get a decent camera when we started having kids. When I got pregnant, he really dove into his research and ordered the camera and gear (and I'm using the word 'gear' here because I honestly don't know anything about the subject and 'gear' sounds pretty serious to me) he wanted. He's been taking my belly picture religiously and he enjoys taking his camera with him everywhere we go. A lot of times he just goes outside and takes random pictures of the dogs or the sky.
A few weeks after getting the camera, we also figured it might be a good idea to enroll in a photography course to really learn the ropes. By the time he started checking out courses, the schools were closed for summer, so we had to cross our fingers they would still have an open spot for him when they opened again. Luckily this turned out the case, and as of August 20 he is officially a photography student. He'd been taking a facility management course for three years but wasn't really interested in the subject, so I'm hoping he will turn a new leaf with the photography class. He doesn't mind working hard to achieve better results, which tells me he's serious about this. This is something that actually interests him and that, for as far as I can tell, he is passionate about. I am so so so proud of him for finding his passion and going for it. I love him walking around and taking pictures of things that catch his eye and I love how he can spend hours behind his computer to edit photos and write about what he's (been) up to. It does confront me with the fact that I don't seem to have any hobby that I'm passionate about, but I'm starting to think that creating a warm and loving home for our expanding family is what my passion will turn out to be. And that's perfectly fine, isn't it?

Klaas made a website that will serve as his portfolio. He also included a blog to write about his photography adventures and his journey to get better at what he loves to do. You can check it out on www.cornelisk.com.


  1. Beetje reclame maken...


    1. Goh, ik vind het vooral zo vertederend dat ik er een blogske over wou schrijven. :) Nu ik er zo over nadenk, zou ik misschien inderdaad beter een beloning vragen voor deze post.

  2. Klaas heeft echt talent. Ik zie het hem zeker doen! Super dat hij nu die cursus volgt.