Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 41

Yep, that's right. 41.

I don't even feel bad about not apologizing for my face in the picture above anymore. At 41 weeks, you're allowed to look worn out. Plus, we were about to go out for a walk (more on that tomorrow), so I didn't feel like putting on any make-up.

I just want this baby to be born already. Not because I can't take it anymore physically (really, what's one more week? I'll live.) or because I'm tired of being pregnant. It's just that with every passing day now, an induction is becoming more and more likely, and I really do NOT want to be induced. I also don't feel guilty about in some way wanting this pregnancy to end, because I believe I've been extremely patient throughout these past 9 months, something that usually doesn't come naturally to me.

So, what else is new, you ask? Let's see. In my last blog post I mentioned that I hoped the aches and pains had led to some more dilation. However, when I went to the gynaecologist's on Monday, it turned out that I had made no progress whatsoever. No more effacing, no more dilating (i.e. still at 1 centimeter), and baby hadn't dropped further down. Still, both the baby and I were fine, so she told me to just wait and (if I hadn't gone into labor by then yet) to come in for external fetal heart rate monitoring and an extra check-up on Friday. I had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions during the days that followed, but nothing really serious. So on Friday I went to the hospital again, had the monitoring (everything was perfectly fine, again!) and got another check-up at the gynaecologist's. She said that the baby had definitely dropped quite a bit more, that my cervix was busy effacing (I don't know how far along I am though) aaaaand that I'm dilated a little over 3 centimeters! I know there's still 7 centimeters to go, but still, that's 3 I haven't had to go through the horror of labor for! (And seriously, you guys. You should take a piece of paper and draw a circle of 3 centimeters wide. That is one huge circle. I'm shocked!) Ever since that check-up I've had menstrual cramps (often pretty painful ones, too) and one Braxton Hicks after another. The gynaecologist told me to come in for another monitoring on Tuesday, but I'm hoping that won't be necessary. We'll see, right? In any case, today Klaas took me out for a walk, I ate some pineapple, I finished the last project (the one I can't tell you about yet) and we even drove up and down the most famous cobblestones of our little town. It can't hurt to try, right?


  1. Ik blijf het zeggen: komaaaaaaaaan baby Cornelis!

  2. Hihi. Grappig dat je nu al die trucjes probeert! Zou dat ook doen. ;) Fingers crossed dat het vanzelf in gang mag schieten, boke!