Monday, December 16, 2013

Our first anniversary

So Klaas and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last week! We couldn't really do anything special on the day itself (December 12th) because it was a Thursday and we had to go to our last prenatal class, but we did go out for dinner... We had spaghetti at the hospital cafeteria. It was a nice spaghetti, though, so you shouldn't feel sad for us, haha!

Klaas got home from work that Thursday and had already texted me that he was "late" and that he would be home soon. I thought something was up and wondered whether this would be the day when I would receive my very first bouquet from him. And it was!

I loved that it had white roses and gerberas because those were also in my actual wedding bouquets.

Then on Saturday, the first anniversary of our wedding party, we went out to our favorite Greek restaurant. Afterwards we went to the movies and saw The Hobbit 2. This was all so reminiscent of our actual wedding, because last year, we also had dinner at the same place and went to see the first Hobbit movie on the night of our civil wedding. We loved the movie, by the way. We even thought it was better than the first. Here's to at least another 50 years of being married to the sweetest, dearest, hottest man in the world!


  1. Proficiat, lovebirds! Mooie bloemen zeg. Leuk hé, zo gelukkig getrouwd zijn?! Gary & ik waren er deze avond over bezig. In januari zijn wij 1,5 jaar getrouwd. Wij zouden nooit meer anders willen.

  2. Oh, lief van Klaasje om bloemetjes te kopen!