Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Come the end of November, we have quite a few things to celebate around here. Last week Klaas turned 26. I knew he really wanted a tripod for his camera, but seeing as it was a little bit over our budget and I really wanted to get him footed pajamas (he's been jealous of mine for years), my mom and I decided that she and my dad would get him the tripod as a birthday gift, while I gave him the pajamas. He didn't want me taking a picture of him actually wearing them, but I did manage to take this crappy iPhone picture when it was first delivered three days before his actual birthday.

Anyway, I suck when it comes to keeping presents a secret, so I caved and gave him the pajamas 3 days early. It's a good thing we have stuff to do on the weekends, because otherwise Klaas wouldn't find a reason to get dressed anymore... And now our evenings on the couch look a little something like this:

Oh and I wanted to make him a birthday cake as well, so I went to my parents' house the day before and made the cake with my mom. We failed horribly (the cake actually ended up being too light and the frosting was too heavy) but the flavors were right on!

Yesterday was also our sixth anniversary! We didn't do anything special since Klaas had his photography class, but we'll make up for it next week when we celebrate our first wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe we've been married for almost a year. A lot has happened since then...


  1. OMG Ik zie jullie gewoon al chillen de vrijdagavond in under pyjamas voor de TV. Waar hebt ge da gekocht?

  2. 't Zal wel zijn dat er veel gebeurd is. Bijna een jaar getrouwd en dan al bijna baby-time! Ik wil ook graag weten waar ge die onesie gekocht hebt. ;)